Cameron Diaz Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Back in 2007, Cameron Diaz admitted that she underwent rhinoplasty in the past but apparently only for medical reasons.

According to her, she had broken her nose in the past, not once but four times, which left her with breathing problems and a deviated septum, which she got fixed and repaired through the nose job.

Indeed, in pictures of Cameron taken after the rhinoplasty surgery, her nose no longer appeared to be crooked nor was the bridge at the top of her nose twisted towards the right anymore. Dr. Raj Kanodia was the plastic surgeon who had performed Cameron Diaz’s rhinoplasty surgery. He had previously also reshaped the noses of Ashlee Simpon and Jennifer Aniston.

Cameron Diaz Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cameron Diaz Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

There have also been rumors that Cameron Diaz may have undergone breast augmentation as well the size of her bust has noticeably changed over the years. In recent photos, Cameron Diaz was seen with an overly-shiny and overly-tight forehead, which led to rumors she may have gone overboard with the use of Botox injections, chemical peels and/or laser treatment.

Cameron Diaz has even publically expressed her regret over the fact that she misused Botox injections as a result of which her face looks unrecognizable now. Cameron Diaz apparently does not intend to use Botox or any other filler ever again because she apparently wants to age gracefully.

This year, the 41 year old Cameron Diaz was interviewed and she revealed what she thinks about aging. Apparently, Cameron is eager to grow older. She believes that life becomes more interesting for women above the age of 40.

Some women may agree while others may not, especially those who are not able to afford plastic surgery treatments like the one that have helped Cameron maintain a youthful appearance. Hopefully, Cameron Diaz is being truth about not wanting to undergo any more plastic surgeries.