Orlando Bloom Diet Plan

Orlando Bloom Diet Plan

Orlando Bloom Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Even though Orlando Bloom has only started to appear muscular as of lately, apparently his classic Hollywood looks could be a result of his diet plan.

Orlando, who is now in his late thirties, is known for his active and healthy lifestyle and the results of his diet apparently do tend to show.

We should start off by saying that Orlando Bloom does not eat dairy products, and he has been a stern vegan for quite some time. He has also been following a diet program known as “5 Factor Diet” by Harley Pasternak, an author and personal trainer.

If he has been following this diet, then it likely means that he has been eating the following:

Orlando most likely eats five small meals every day. This means that he probably eats throughout the day so that he does not have to over eat at meals, especially those later in the day.

Each of the meals that Orlando Bloom has throughout his day probably includes low-fat protein. To include basic protein in each meal, he likely eats some chicken, fish or turkey at every meal.

Whole grain carbohydrates are probably also included in his diet plan. He probably adds complex carbohydrates to every meal if he following the plan by the book.

Based on the program, foods like fruits, vegetables and whole wheat bread are probably his source of fiber, and he likely eats a lot of these foods.

Instead of butter and oil, Orlando Bloom’s diet likely includes healthier fats. He probably cooks or gets his food cooked with olive oil or some other healthy option.

Along with following a specific diet program, regular exercise is also a part of Orlando Bloom’s lifestyle. He himself has admitted to doing Pilates and yoga. He considers his “great physical shape” a blessing and his diet plan will most likely help him maintain it effectively.