Understanding Nicki Minaj: Why is she so Famous?

Understanding Nicki Minaj Why is She so Famous

Nicki Minaj

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Onika Tanya Maraj aka Nicki Minaj is a well known singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality. This 30 years old Trinidadian-born singer / rapper is undoubtedly one of the most renowned female performers in show business at the time.

Perceived as a curvaceous, highly sexual, eccentric performer, follows in the footsteps of other female rappers that have taken the same route with their music, which exactly what Nicki manages to do these days.

In fact, she has even been called ‘a black Lady Gaga’ by some, which in all honesty, is spot-on. Still, Nicki doesn’t want to be solely perceived as a sexy bimbo, which is exactly why her latest work has been more mature and composed.

So why exactly is she so famous?

She is a female rapper.

First of all, you have to understand that there is a clear shortage of female rappers out there, especially talented ones.

Now there have been plenty of successful ones in the past such as Lil’ Kim and Queen Latifah, but lately it seems that you will only see women dancing in the background in most rap videos, which is exactly why a performer like Nicki enjoys the type of success that she does.

She is pretty.

We would like to be able to say that the music industry is all about talented artists, but unfortunately, it is far from it. Nowadays, all it takes to become famous is to attach a pretty face to a catchy song.

With all due respect for Nicki, she brings nothing of true worth to the art in terms of lyricism and skill, but have you seen her body? Let’s be honest for a second hear, a big part of Nicki’s success comes as a result of her image as a sex-symbol.

She is easy to digest.

Nicki’s lyrics aren’t the type you would take out of context and have tattooed on your forearm. One of the reasons why Nicki’s music is so famous is because of how easy to understand it is, and how much young people can relate to it.

For instance, the hip hop community doesn’t hold Nicki in the highest regard because of how ‘commercial’ her music is, and they do have a point actually.

She has powerful friends.

Let us not forget that Nicki became popular after being fostered by Lil Wayne and other already-popular figures within the rap game. over the time, she did plenty of collaborations with people like Drake and other Young Money artists, collaborations that brought her plenty of benefits.

Naysayers even go as far as to say that the reason why Nicki got to work with those artists is because the label needed to promote itself even further, and what better way to do this than by having an attractive and eccentric personality like Nicki Minaj as part of the group?