Catherine Zeta Jones Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Apart from a rumored rhinoplasty, it seems that Catherine Zeta-Jones may have undergone blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and cosmetic dentistry in the past.

In 2007, Catherine was spotted on one of the beaches in St. Barts, clad in a skimpy yellow bikini that exposed the rather large size of her breasts.

Although they have not been confirmed, rumor has it that Catherine may have undergone breast augmentation surgery at that point.

Catherine Zeta Jones is now 44 years old, but her face is free of wrinkles, which has led to suspicions that she probably makes use of dermal injection fillers and chemical peels.

In her late thirties, Catherine had gained a good amount of weight but when in her forties, she suddenly managed to shed all that weight, which pointed to a possible liposuction surgery. However, that is apparently not the case.

Catherine’s entire body had slimmed down, while only particular areas are targeted by liposuction, so perhaps the credit goes to dieting and exercise.

Catherine Zeta Jones Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

Catherine Zeta Jones Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery speculators may have also noticed that Catherine Zeta Jones has been sporting bangs as of lately. It is not unusual for a Hollywood actress to change her hairstyle, based on Catherine’s history of alleged plastic surgeries.

However, it is possible that Catherine may be using her bangs to disguise the after effects, perhaps even a bad reaction, of using Botox or some other dermal injection filler like Juvederm or Restylane. After all, dermal fillers are injected between the eyebrows and into the forehead.

There is also a possibility that Catherine may have undergone some other invasive anti-aging procedure that left scars on her forehead. So, she is probably wearing bangs to hide those scars from view until they have completely healed.

Scars are often caused around the hairline by a facelift or a forehead lift. Too bad for Catherine that she cannot show off the most recent plastic surgery she has supposedly undergone.