Nina Dobrev Diet Plan

Nina Dobrev Diet Plan

Nina Dobrev Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Even though Nina Dobrev recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend and The Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder, she did not really end up going into an emotional eating spree.

On the contrary, Nina continues to look as slim and stunning as ever. Even though Nina Dobrev is known for having quite an upbeat attitude, but that is not the only reason she looks so fit.

Not so long ago, Nina admitted that her energy and overall wellness is a result of her healthy diet, and people started to wonder what it was.

A while ago, Nina Dobrev had spent four months trying vegetarianism. However, the lack of energy and protein made her so thin and weak that she could not refrain from returning to eating beef burgers and such.

However, as of lately, Nina Dobrev has apparently adopted a vegan diet once again. Currently, Nina considers herself “not officially a vegan,” but she has admitted that her diet plan now mostly consists of vegan food. However, she also claims that she occasionally also has a bit of cheese, ice cream and other such foods.

Much like her sister, Nina Dobrev does not exactly have a diet plan and she is not really “super-rigid” about what she eats. She has admitted that she does not have an “official” diet plan.

Nina Dobrev claims that she listens to and trusts her body, and when she feels that a certain food will be most energizing, fulfilling and satiating for her body, she eats it.

Furthermore, Nina actually does her best to eat a couple of small meals every day and high protein, plant-based foods are among the snacks that she eats, especially almonds, which she loves.

Nina is also fond of the Superfood Protein Balls from Steve Moyer’s MoyerMeals meal delivery service. Therefore, it becomes fairly obvious that Nina’s good looking and leaned out body is a result of her somewhat vegan diet.