Zooey Deschanel Diet Plan

Zooey Deschanel Diet Plan

Zooey Deschanel Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Along with being adorable, Zooey Deschanel always looks quite fit and slim, considering that she is apparently quite disciplined when it comes to what she eats.

Apparently, Zooey’s diet plan consists primarily of fruits, lean meats, nuts, and vegetables.

Furthermore, Zooey Deschanel avoids snacking too much because she believes that doing so kills her appetite for healthier meals. Zooey claims that she her diet plan includes 3 square meals every day, and she eats an apple whenever she feels hungry.

Even though healthy eating habits are an integral part of Zooey Deschanel’s life, she is apparently not vegan anymore as she once was, and she also claims that exercising also helps her motivated to eat healthy and stay fit.

Zooey Deschanel also claims that touring keeps her even more disciplined to eat healthy. Before going on stage or prior to a show, Zooey never eats too much to avoid “feeling terrible.” She always looks for fruits, lean meat, nuts and vegetables from health-food stores in the various cities she visits.

Although Zooey Deschanel was a vegan once, just like her sister Emily Deschanel, who stars as the protagonist in Fox’s Bones, but apparently she was never as committed to it.

However, she also admits that she wishes she could be vegan. Unfortunately, she cannot because she claims to be sensitive to a lot of foods, such as soy or wheat, and getting sufficient calories had also become difficult for her.

Surprisingly, Emily is not fond of sweets, but she apparently good at baking desserts like cakes, cookies and cupcakes for others. Chocolate-chip cookies from a New York-based bakery by the name of BabyCakes, which happen to be gluten-free, are the only guilty pleasure food that Zooey indulges in.

Thus, Zooey Deschanel truly is quite disciplined when it comes to her diet plan, and apparently that is how she continues looking so adorably lean and slim.