Alexa Vega Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Most of you will probably recognize Alexa Vega, or Alexa PenaVega, as Carmen Cortez from the Spy Kids films that were quite a hit when they came out.

Some of you will find it hard to believe that the first one was released in 2001, although it feels like it was just yesterday for most of us.

It might be even harder to believe that this once cute little girl may have undergone breast augmentation at some point as she was growing older.

Sure, Alex is still cute and has grown up to become quite gorgeous, but her breasts appear to be too large for her age, unless God decided to bless her with well-endowed assets.

In fact, her breasts were not always this large; rather critics and fans noticed an increment in the density, fullness and size of her breasts quite recently.

Since her breasts grew to their current size so abruptly and all of a sudden, celebrity gossip columns refuse to believe this was a natural phenomenon, a part of the process of growing up.

Sure, Alexa Vega is maturing into a woman, but it is not believable enough that such a change occurred immediately unless she got breast implants.

Like many celebrities, the young actress has been tight lipped about these speculations, and has apparently even denied that she has ever been under the knife. However, the rumors and speculations still remain.

Alexa Vega Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

Alexa Vega Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

After looking at photos of Alex clad in a bra and pants, professional plastic surgeons believe that her breasts appear to be too dense and firm to be natural, which most likely means implants are involved.

Of course, this debate is somewhat ongoing, and it is also quite a controversy. Reports that even these breast augmentation rumors have  been openly denied by Alex Vega makes it ever hard to resolve them.

Nonetheless, the signs of breast augmentation cannot be ignored, and a few other potential plastic surgeries that she might have had, allegedly of course.