Ali Larter Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]The beautiful Ali Larter is well known for her stunning good looks, yet it appears that her beauty isn’t that natural after all.

There are some who say that Ali, just like many other actresses her age, went under the knife at least once.

Despite being quite good looking when she made her debut on the big screen all those years ago, the actress who is now in her 40s is accused of getting a little ‘help’ from plastic surgery over the years.

Few people question the fact that Ali Larter was a beautiful young woman when she first appeared on screen in 1999, it’s just that her current facial features appear to be strangely different these days.

While her natural good looks are not up for debate, the slightly different shape of her cheeks and lips has people wondering about whether not Ali Larter went under the knife at some point over time.

When we compare older pictures of Ali Larter with how she looks like these days, we see that her lips seem to have gotten slightly bigger throughout her career. It wasn’t a gradual change, mind you, but a change that happened at some point recently.

Ali Larter Plastic Surgery Before and After

Although it seems that Ali Larter did not go through any major plastic procedures, she still looks like she got a bit of professional help to achieve her current lack of wrinkles.

Experts also agree that she hasn’t had any face-altering procedures, although some have expressed concerns regarding her lack of wrinkles around her nose and forehead.

By the looks of things, Ali Larter may have indeed gotten a couple of Botox injections over the years, and it shows when looking at her nearly perfect, smooth forehead.

All things considered, the beautiful Ali Larter might as well had facial fillers injected into her face, or at least that’s what her shiny complexion has led us to believe.

Whatever the truth may be, it would be sad not to see her grow old with the grace she obviously has.

No matter what mishaps she had, or how many (if any) cosmetic enhancements she had done over the years, Ali Larter is a very beautiful woman still and it would be nice to prove naysayers wrong by letting her age show from now on.