Alicia Keys Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Not so long ago, Alicia Keys has been criticized for some allegedly hypocritical remarks that she made.

The 33 year old actress and musician is the daughter of a white woman, and as such, despite being biracial, she considers herself ethnically black.

No so long ago, Alicia created quite the controversy after she revealed the apparent origins of “Gangsta rap”, which according to her was a cunning plan to “convince black people to kill each other.”

If Alicia Keys truly identifies herself as a black woman, it raises the question why she has been trying to look whiter because there have been rumors that she has had plastic surgeries for this very purpose.

Alicia Keys Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Alicia Keys Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

There is an old yearbook photo of Alicia, back when she was in high school or college, and those who have seen that photo will notice that Alicia’s nose was much rounder and wider when she was young.

The photo also reveals that her nose had a bulbous tip and a bit of protection with a wide bridge, and was relatively flatter than it is now. Her nose still looks quite natural, but it apparently does not seem as if her nose may have simply magically changed and enhanced as she grew up. Rather, it is likely the result of a well executed rhinoplasty surgery.

Dr. Paul Nassif, a plastic surgeon, agrees that Alicia Keys most definitely had a nose job. The tip of Alicia’s nose is no longer bulbous and it appears that the Ala or the sides of her nose appear much narrower. In comparison to her nose in that old photo, the bridge, or dorsum of her nose also appears a bit squarer. It is fortunate for her that her nose still bears a natural appearance.

Additionally, readers may be aware that Alicia frequently wears hair weaves of various textures and there are also hints that she may have had her skin tone lightened as well in her plight to appear whiter. Whether black or white, Alicia Keys looks naturally beautiful.