Anna Faris Breast Implants & Nose, Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Anna Faris has become known for being quite the comical actress, considering her roles in the Scary Movies and more recently in The House Bunny.

However, the beautiful 37-year old has also being rumored to have undergone breast augmentation and rhinoplasty (nose job) surgeries

It cannot be denied, Anna Faris is probably among the funniest actresses of modern times. However, it is also hard to deny that she may have most likely gone under the knife in recent years, and many of her fans may not find that exactly funny.

Back when she had debuted in the first Scary Movie and had risen to fame, her nose had been much wider and perhaps it did not fit her face properly. Apparently, that is the reason that she supposedly decided to undergo rhinoplasty and ever since then, her nose has appeared to be more slender than before and fits well with the rest of her face.

Anna Faris Nose Job

In 2008, she starred in another comedy role as a Playmate in The House Bunny. However, along with her new film role, rumors also began circulating that she may have undergone plastic surgery once again, for breast augmentation this time. Although Shelley, her character from the film, turned out to be fond of water bras, Anna Faris apparently opted for breast implants in order be more fitting for her role.

Anna Faris Breast Implants

If Anna Faris really did undergo breast augmentation, it would not be wrong to claim that her plastic surgeon did a great job. Her current breasts are not too oversized like those of actual Playmates. Her supposed breast augmentation has actually made her petite frame more curvaceous, which makes it obvious that she must have chosen to go for smaller implants.

According to Dr. Sherrrell J. Aston, a plastic surgeon, she most likely may have had breast implants, but “petite” ones. Dr. Sherrrell believes that her new breasts give Anna’s figure a “sense of balance” and they even complement her figure.

People also seem to agree with Dr. Sherrrell that her surgeon indeed did a good job, especially with recommending her the right sized implants.