Carrie Underwood Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Carrie Underwood Workout and Diet Routine

Carrie Underwood Workout Routine and Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Singer Carrie Underwood has quickly become a world-renowned artist. The life of a celebrity, however, comes with a lot of responsibilities.

As a celebrity, she will always be judged by the way she handles herself, the way she dresses, and what her opinions are. Although class and intelligence isn’t something that you can necessarily train for, there is plenty one can do to shape themselves physically.

To some extent, Carrie Under-stood this from the start, and you can see by the way she looks that she takes her diet and workout routine very seriously.

Carrie Underwood Workout Routine

Carrie’s workout routine starts with cardio vascular exercises that she performs daily to maintain herself fit. She does a lot of running for example, but then again, most celebrities do. What’s unusual about Carrie, is her love for kick boxing, a sport she practices as often as possible.

She even claims that the only way to fully relieve herself of stress is to kick something, a sentiment we can all agree with.

Apart from cardio, Carrie does a lot of strength training, following a routine that she obeys to the letter. Despite being an incredibly diverse routine, here are the main highlights around which the entire routine gravitates.

Jump Squats – Carrie does jump squats to strengthen her glutes and hamstrings. She usually starts her workout with either jump squats or back lunges with bicep curls. Either way, no strength training routine can be done without working the hamstrings.

Back lunges with bicep curls – Carrie usually starts the exercise with a single leg back lunge while holding onto the free weights. Although it sounds pretty much standard, she does this at a very intensive pace, sometimes with fifteen curls or more.

Prone bridge on a stability ball – The whole purpose of this routine is to give Carrie a strong core. The exercises involves Carrie bending her elbows on the stability ball before balancing her feet on her toes. It may sound like hard work, but she says that she got used to it over time.

Carrie Underwood Diet Plan

Interestingly enough, Carrie writes down every single thing she eats in a small log that she carries with her everywhere she goes. It has to be said that Carrie is a vegetarian, and has been for quite a while now.

This being said, she never touches fast food, nor does she craves unhealthy foods at any point, which is good for her diet. While traveling, she always carries a small fridge with her, containing fresh vegetables and other healthy food items. Although a vegetarian in principle for as long as she can remember, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that she removed dairy products from her diet.