Cate Blanchett Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Either Cate Blanchett suffers from what Benjamin Button was suffering from, or she had some work done on her face.

We say this because Cate’s appearance over the past 15 years or so has become more youthful than most would expect.

It is possible that she benefits from the greatest skin care treatments in the world, of course, but we have difficulties believing this.

Nobody denies Cate Blanchett’s amazing acting skills, her professionalism, or her versatility. However, her appearance in recent years has become better and better, while few other explanations other than cosmetic surgery actually make sense.

It has to be said at this point that Cate Blanchett is one of those celebrities who takes great care of herself, with balanced, healthy diets and rigorous workout routines. Even so, there are some aspects of her image that look slightly artificial by the looks of things.

For instance, when comparing pictures of Cate Blanchett from just a few years ago with pictures of her today, we see that her forehead and cheeks are more pronounced than normal. These might just be sings that Cate Blanchett had a facelift at some point within these last few years.

Cate Blanchett Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cate Blanchett Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

It could also mean that she had Botox injected around her eyes and cheeks, or ten different other things. One thing is certain however, Cate Blanchett definitely did something to her face.

At this point in time, it would be hard to be 100% sure of what type of cosmetic procedure Cate had, if any. We should probably wait a few years and see if her features improve yet more or if she will finally show signs of aging.

Until then, we should probably end with the observation that Cate Blanchett remains one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood, despite the fact that she isn’t necessarily young anymore.