Denise Richards Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Denise Richards may not be much of an actress, but the 43 year old actress definitely has sex appeal, after all she has been a fashion model in her younger days.

However, that does not mean that her stunning body is absolutely natural. In fact, even before she had crossed forty, Denise herself admitted that she had already undergone three different breast augmentation surgeries, and she has even explained the reasons behind each one.

According to Denise, she underwent breast augmentation for the very first time at the age of 19. Back then, Denise had been as “flat as a board and naturally, she had been in awe of her roommates “best boobs” ever. So, her roommate suggested that she could “buy” those boobs, well not technically, but Denise did “stupidly” get breast implants soon after.

She has further explained that apparently some “doctor” suggested that she could have extra large boobs, and she agreed, which is how she ended up with size D implants. It would not be wrong to assume this was partly the reason she got to star in the 1998 film, Wild Things.

Finally, Denise got another pair of implants for the third and last time because she had apparently not been satisfied with the results of her second breast augmentation surgery.

Denise Richards Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

Denise Richards Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon, despite attempts to lower reoperation rates, revisional breast augmentation surgery is actually quite common. Indeed, her second size D implants did not fit her frame, so Denise is certainly telling the truth about why she decide to undergone breast augmentation a third time. As of now, her breasts certainly complement her frame.

Unfortunately, the three breast augmentations that Denise has admitted to are not the only plastic surgeries she is suspected of having undergone. Dr. Walden believes that the reason her forehead looks so smooth these days and she has a “wide-eyed look” is because of the use of Botox around the eyebrow and forehead region. Dr. Jennifer also suspects Denise of having had soft tissue fillers injected into her lips.

Regardless, Denise Richards is perhaps one of the boldest and bravest celebrities out there for having not only admitted to undergoing plastic surgery, but also explaining why she decided to do so.