Diane Keaton Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Most movie enthusiasts will agree that Diane Keaton certainly deserves to be honored with the Zurich Film Festival’s Golden Icon Award.

However, the fact that Diane has allegedly gone under the knife is probably not very iconic, of she did in fact had some work done.

Everyone who looks at Diane’s recent photos wonders if she has undergone plastic surgeries, considering that her appearance makes her look much younger than her actual age.

Diane Keaton is in her seventies, but she looks pretty much the same as she did ten years ago. Not only does it seem that she has succeeded at reversing the process of ageing, but the clock has apparently stopped for her at some point.

Diane’s face is unbelievably taut with skin that appears to stretch naturally. Even if to a slight extent, there are signs that Diane Keaton may have undergone certain plastic surgeries.

Among them, her alleged nose job is among the most obvious. If we are to compare recent pictures of her with pictures of her younger self, we can see that her nose changes in shape over time.

While others may not believe it, Diane Keaton claims that she is simply ageing gracefully. She claims that she is way “too old” to go under the knife and hence, has never had any work done.

According to her, society did not even tolerate cosmetic surgery during the time in which she grew up. Of course, not one is accusing her of having undergone surgeries at a younger age. Apparently, Diane is even afraid of going under the knife, or so she wants everyone to believe.

Despite the fact that she has constantly denied the rumors, speculators continue to suspect that Diane may have undergone a mid facelift and rhinoplasty in recent times. The fact that her face looks as natural as ever probably means that the plastic surgeon did one helluva a job and deserves to be applauded for his/her work.

Diane Keaton Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Diane Keaton Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

However, there is also the likelihood that Diane Keaton could be taking advantage of anti-aging creams, a balanced diet, a comprehensive exercise routine, and proper skin care tips.

It has to be said however that no amount of cosmetic surgery can make a woman in her seventies look young again, no matter how skilled the plastic surgeon may be.

Either way, Diane has an impressive CV, and people will remember her fondly for years to come because of her contribution to the industry rather than her alleged cosmetic surgeries.