Jenna Jameson Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Despite the fact that Jenna Jameson had quit the porn industry a while back, the rumors of the numerous plastic surgeries that she has had still continue to follow her.

It is publically known that the 40 year former adulot entertainer had once gotten breast implants, which she recently got removed.

It is also widely known that Jenna had ended up becoming a victim of a botched vaginoplasty, a surgery that caused her a great deal of discomfort.

Around 2007, there were rumors that Jenna had gone into hiding after a botched vaginoplasty. According to a source close to her, the vaginoplasty had taken place at a Beverly Hills plastic surgery clinic.

The year 2007 was the same year that Jenna also quit the porn business and underwent another plastic surgery. Following the surgery, Jenna confirmed former rumors that her D-cup breasts had been a result of implants.

The removal of the implants left Jenna with C-cup breasts. Apparently, much like her unfortunate botched vaginoplasty, Jenna had also not been satisfied with her breast implants. She claims that she “felt uncomfortable” because of the implants. Strangely enough, she admits to feeling “shy at the beach,” considering that she used to bare it all for a living.

Jenna Jameson Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After

Jenna Jameson Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After

Apparently, Jenna had decided to get her “real” breasts back in order to be who she really is. Most people will agree with Jenna that the size of a woman’s bust does not define her sexuality, and it is understandable that she had her breasts enlarged in order to meet the demands of the porn industry.

However, as of lately, it seems that Jenna may have crossed the line in terms of plastic surgery. She is barely recognizable these days, possibly due to the overdoing of Botox and dermal fillers since her face appears frozen and stiff.

A bigger and fuller posterior also points to a possible butt augmentation. Considering that she is not doing porn anymore, people often wonder why she continues to go under the knife.