Marilyn Monroe Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Back in November 2013, an auction house put up a sale file of physician’s notes and a set of X-Rays, which show the frontal facial bones of Marilyn Monroe.

Apart from a limited medical history of the late actress, the notes and X-rays have confirmed the rumors that the woman who was once the epitome of glamour had undergone plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes.

The notes were written by Michael Gurdin, a renowned Hollywood plastic surgeon, who made some very interesting observations.

There had always been speculations that Marilyn Monroe had gone under the knife, but it was never certain. No one wanted to believe the rumors since people have always thought of Marilyn as a natural beauty. However, Gurdin has apparently noted that a cartilage implant was placed in Marilyn’s chin back in 1950.

It must be noted that the 50s was an era when people rarely went for plastic surgery procedures, so this is certainly surprising.

Dr. Norman Leaf, a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, has also confirmed that Marilyn Monroe went under the knife back in 1950 in his self-published memoir.

Sides of Marilyn’s nasal bones are also included in the X-rays, which reveal that Marilyn also had plastic surgery on her nose as well.

Marilyn Monroe Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Marilyn Monroe Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

In his memoir, Dr. Normal has stated that Marilyn had a minor nose job that involved the tip of her nose. The rhinoplasty procedure had apparently been performed back in 1962 after Marilyn’s nose had become fractured and swollen as a result of a fall.

The X-rays have also confirmed that her nose had indeed sustained a minute fracture at that time.

So, it is apparent why Marilyn Monroe underwent the rhinoplasty procedure, as for the chin implant, Dr. Michael claims that she had a “chin deformity.” It is hard to believe that the Hollywood sex symbol actually went under the knife, but all of this is solid evidence that she definitely did.