Miley Cyrus Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]At the age of 21, Miley Cyrus, the former star of Disney’s “Hannah Montana” series, has been entangled into quite a lot of controversies.

Many have been wondering what really happened to Miley Cyrus, but they are not only puzzled about her change in personality, but also her change in appearance.

For quite some time now, Miley has been the subject of many plastic surgery rumors.

As of late, Miley Cyrus has chopped off and dyed her hair in more ways than one. Her newest look was showcased in a picture she recently posted on Twitter, but the picture also seemed to show that she may have had lip fillers injected into her lips.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon, is certain that she may have used filler injections of Juvederm or Restylane. Like patients who get their lips enhanced, Miley Cyrus’s lips also appeared slightly swollen. However, Dr. Youn believes that her lips will eventually “look just fine” after settling down.

Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery Before and After

Recently, a more voluptuous Miley Cyrus was captured by the paparazzi, when she was jogging with some guy, who is perhaps her boyfriend. The photos made many wonder if Miley Cyrus had breast augmentation surgery recently. However, according to Dr. David Shafer, a plastic surgeon, Miley’s voluptuousness may be the result of good genes.


Dr. Shafer claims that it does not seem that Miley may have had breast implants. He explains that if she had had breast augmentation, then more upper pole fullness would be seen whenever she was not wearing a pushup bra. He further claims that she is naturally “large-breasted” and was most likely wearing a pushup bra, which accentuated her breasts.

In the past, Miley Cyrus had been suspected of getting veneers and having had cosmetic dentistry since she had started out with a less than perfect smile. When it’s Miley Cyrus, anything is possible, so perhaps she has gone under the knife quite a few times as speculated.