Olivia Wilde Breast Implants & Nose Job – Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Even though Olivia Wilde came out and said on several occasions that she is against plastic surgery of any kind, in recent years people have questioned how much the actress lives up to her words.

It wasn’t long ago that rumors surfaced about Olivia and her alleged plastic surgeries, especially her Botox injections, her lip augmentation, her nose job, and her breast implants.

It seems that Olivia Wilde has breast implants, a cosmetic intervention that she had sometime within the last 2-3 years.

By comparing pictures of Olivia today with pictures from when she was a newcomer in the business, it becomes fairly obvious that she had breast augmentation surgery at one point.

Nowadays, her breasts are bigger than before, with pictures suggesting that she went from an A cup to a C cup at least. She might claim that her perky breasts are a result of either push-up bras or exercising, but we can very well refute that after looking at pictures of her from throughout her career and comparing her ‘progress’ from one year to another.

Olivia Wilde Breast Implants

Although Olivia Wilde is 30 years old, you can barely see any wrinkles on her face. This is just one of the reasons why people were so quick to accuse her of having Botox injections at one point. She also seems to have gone under the knife on several other occasions, every time for a different intervention to take place.

Allegedly, Olivia had a nose job at first, and this can be seen by comparing before & after pictures of the starlet. It seems that her nose has gotten a lot narrower over the years, and a lot slimmer as well.

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery Before and After

In the beginning, Olivia’s nose was quite obvious in the sense that it didn’t really ‘match’ her face per se, yet recent pictures of her show her having a perfectly-shaped nose, in line with the rest of her facial features.

Be that as it may, Olivia Wilde has always been one of Hollywood’s pretty faces, regardless of what or how many plastic surgeries she might have had.

Still, the fact that she denies the allegations every way she can, especially after being so vehemently against such procedures, makes her look like a hypocrite in many people’s eyes.

Even so, Olivia’s fans don’t seem to care one way or another and who can blame them?