Piper Perabo Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Since her acting debut in 1997, Piper Perabo has always graced the screen with her radiant and very attractive presence, even more so following her ‘Coyote Ugly’ days.

This prompted celebrity watchers to question just how natural Piper Perabo’s natural good looks are because she appears to have retained her youthful good looks a little too well according to some.

Rumor has it that Piper underwent a nose job at some point in the past, a rhinoplasty that changed her old nose to a sharper, better-defined version that suits her face much better.

While some other forms of plastic surgery can be either too obvious or too discreet, you can always spot a nose job just by analyzing the pictures closely. Upon closer examination of before and after pictures of Piper Perabo, it does seem that her nose appears to have changed its shape ever so slightly.

Piper Perabo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Back in the days when Piper was breaking into the business, she used to boast a much bulbous nose, a bulbous nose that has since turned into a well-shaped, thin nose with a small tip.

If we are to judge whether she had a nose job by pictures alone, it becomes quite clear that something changed the way her nose looks over the years. Of course, it could be argued that her facial features changed over time, which is why her old bulbous nose appears much thinner nowadays.

It also can be said that Piper’s nose changed its shape due to aging, especially given the fact that Piper Perabo is now in her late 30s. Furthermore, the shape of her nose only appears to have changed ever so slightly, in no way drastically enough to warrant any sort of outrage.

The rumor mill doesn’t stop here as far as Piper Perabo is concerned, mind you, because there are a few who claim the she also went through a breast augmentation procedure at some point over the years.

One of the issues with these rumors is that most of them claim she had these procedures before making it as a mainstream actress, and that there aren’t many pictures of her from back when she was younger to compare with pictures of her nowadays.