Robert Redford Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Robert Redford made a name for himself with his roles as various leading and ladies men. Apparently, he still wishes to keep wooing the ladies with his looks, though with the help of plastic surgery.

Based on rumors, the 77 year old actor has supposedly undergone a number of plastic surgeries over the years, such as a skin-tightening facelift, in order to appear more youthful.

Considering how Robert’s eyes were once droopy, he apparently had them corrected with the help of an eyelift surgery. According to recent speculations, his wrinkle-free skin also suggests that he may be taking advantage of Botox or other fillers.

There was a time when Robert Redford was regarded as one of the most handsome men in Hollywood; unfortunately, it was only a matter a time till ageing began taking a toll on him. Although he once publicly denounced plastic surgery, that did not prevent suspicions from rising, speculating that the reason Robert looks younger for his age is due to surgical intervention.

It is true that Robert is now 77 years old, but he could probably still act and appear in films and/or television shows. However, something that readers may have probably noticed that he has been shying away from appearing in front of the camera as of lately. Perhaps he fears that viewers will notice his unnatural and unkempt appearance.

Robert Redford Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Robert Redford Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

According to certain plastic surgeons, Robert Redford may have most likely had an eyelift surgery nearly 10 year ago. Apparently, that is the reason that area around his eyes appears to be sunken. These plastic surgeons also suspect of having undergone a facelift and being a regular user of Botox and/or other fillers.

Dr. Marc Kayem, a Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon, is very certain that Robert Redford has most likely had an eyelift at some point in the past. Apparently, his right cheek also used to have a mole on it, which he got removed through surgery.

Robert Redford had once described plastic surgery as a “sick obsession,” and while he may have not become obsessed yet, he is most likely taking advantage of it for sure.