Aly Michalka Diet Plan

Aly Michalka Diet Plan

Aly Michalka Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Aly Michalka is a young blonde beauty in her mid twenties who has become famous for starring in the CW TV drama “Hellcats” as Marti Perkins.

Currently, Aly Michalka’s weight is around 122 pounds (54 kilograms), which is most likely a result of her diet plan.

Aly Michalka does not really believe in dieting actually, and does not really have an actual diet plan, or at least no strict diet regime.

Furthermore, Aly is not too fond of the concept of dieting where people refrain from eating their favorite foods. Instead of having an extreme and strict diet plan, Aly Michalka believes in “moderation”, and does her best to make sure that her diet and workouts are adequately balanced.

Along with consuming a balanced, healthy diet, Aly Michalka is all about “drinking lots of water” on a daily basis. Aly drinks anywhere between 2 and 3 liters of water every day.

Candy, particularly Pop Rocks and Ring Pops, carrots, edamame, Jamba Juice drinks, Pasta, string cheese, Sushi, and Tacos are among Aly Michalka’s all-time favorite foods. Apparently, these foods happen to be her favorite because she is able to conveniently eat them while traveling and loves their taste.

Aly Michalka has also expressed the importance of staying fit as a part of one’s daily life, which she believes is far greater than following some crash diet and/or extreme exercise program.

However, Aly Michalka’s diet is not the only reason she is so fit. Apparently, despite her busy schedule, she manages to find time for her workouts everyday.

She also claims that she exercises four times a week and she always manages to find time for it. Her workout routine apparently alternates between some cardio and weights, kick boxing, and mixed martial arts.

Indeed, it does seem apparent that Aly Michalka maintains balance between diet and exercise, and even with such “moderation” she is able to look so gorgeously fit and slim.