Chloe Grace Moretz Beauty Routine

Chloe Grace Moretz Beauty Routine

Chloe Grace Moretz Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Chloe Grace Moretz admited recently that she does not “really have a [beauty] regimen”.

During the making of Carrie, the 2013 horror film Chloe stars in, she had “really bad acne” which is why she used Proactiv during that time.

Despite having “really problematic skin” back when she was young, she has now become a beauty crush for a lot of girls and women worldwide.

Chloe has spent almost half of her life on the big screen, and she had been scared from the very first time someone put makeup on her for the red carpet. Apparently, the thing that terrified her was that her makeup artists would make her look like a train wreck.

Nowadays, after spending so much time under the spotlight, young Chloe has more makeup experience than most other girls her age. She also had a bout of bad acne due to the application of fake blood during the making of Carrie, which has apparently made her more acute and shrewd about skincare.

Today, it is almost a mystery what her true hair color is. She enjoyed going brunette, for as long as it lasted she wanted to keep the red color, but the pigment was simply not retained by her hair. According to her, maintaining a blonde hair is easier for her and indeed it does look “prettiest” with her skin tone.

According to Chloe, it is because of Mai Quynh, her “amazing” makeup artist, that she has become quite “adventurous” with her makeup. Unlike in the past, Chloe actually trust her Mai very much. She loves a “good smoky eye” and really likes the colors green and purple. She still does not consider herself much of an “adult” so she prefers not to do a heavy lip if possible.

Even though Chloe does not have a beauty routine as such, she does spend a lot of money on creams, such as Chantecaille’s Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer, Kate Sommerville Goat Milk Cream and La Mer’s Eye Concentrate. Chloe Grace Moretz believes that true beauty comes from inside, and she truly is a beautiful person.