Kristen Stewart Beauty Routine

Kristen Stewart Beauty Routine

Kristen Stewart Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]True film buffs may not exactly be fond of Kristen Stewart’s acting capabilities and expressionless face ever since she starred in the Twilight films, but it cannot be denied that she is a beautiful young woman.

At least her female fans will be pleased to learn that Kristen has actually revealed her favorite style along with tips that women can follow to look like her.

Apparently, she prefers to look natural and keeps her makeup minimal at all times.

According to Kristen Stewart herself, she rarely uses a beauty product once again if she has already used it on herself previously. Whether it is a lip color or a moisturizer, Kristen avoids using the same products because they bring back memories of particular scenes or shoots.

In this regard, she is so picky that she does not even use a product even if has proved to be perfect for her beauty routine. She simply looks for some other beauty product to use.

Not so long ago, Kristen Stewart had been sporting a braided hairstyle, also known as cornrows. Kristen says that she likes the hairstyle and intends to repeat it again.

She claims that at some point she would re-do it because she “liked having it.” She describes the hairstyle as comfortable, preventing her hair from getting on her face. She also likes the look of the hairstyle too.

One particular beauty product that Kristen Stewart uses is “Proactiv” and she keeps herself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Kristen is quite wise to think that she or just about anyone will look awful if they do not drink water. She claims that water is a “huge” part of her beauty routine.

Kristen has also admitted to using concealer, eyeliner, and mascara. Kristen apparently prefers to use chapstick rather than lipstick because she is not fond of coloring her lips.

According to her, she on and off washes her hair with “different shampoos,” but does not do anything else with her hair. Kristen believes that people look best when they do not try to actually do so, but whether she tries or not, she certainly does look beautiful.