Christina Aguilera Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]We’ve talked about the alleged breast implants that Christina Aguilera at some point, and how that’s working out for her.

However, rumor has it that Christina had a couple of other plastic surgeries as well over the years.

It might be that her breast implants are among the many cosmetic procedures that she underwent throughout her career.

As a matter of fact, Christina admitted to having breast implants, lip augmentation, liposuction, and even a nose job. She doesn’t appear to shy away from plastic surgery rumors, which is understandable considering how obvious some of these procedures are.

It is fairly clear that Christina Aguilera had a nose job at some point, and it wasn’t the type of nose job most people have. Looking at the way her nose looked over the years, we can see a slight change in its width and size.

While most people go under the knife to have their nose appear smaller, Christina apparently had her nose widened around the nostrils. For whatever reason, she decided that a wider nose would suit her face better and we have to admit that she was right.

Christina Aguilera Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Christina Aguilera Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

When comparing pictures of Christina Aguilera from her younger years with more recent pictures of her, we see that her nose line leading to her eyebrows is a bit flattened and more defined.

Like we said, Christina Aguilera isn’t afraid to admit that she went under the knife on several occasions over the years, and why should she?

It seems that whatever cosmetic procedures she had done have made her prettier overall, accentuating her already good features even further.

All in all, we are happy that Christina didn’t go overboard with these surgeries, and that she didn’t suffer any plastic surgery disaster like other celebrities lately.