Ciara Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Ciara Princess Harris, or just Ciara if you will, is already 28 years old. You wouldn’t believe that just by looking at her, but she is.

It feels like it was only yesterday that Ciara made her debut in the music world, but time spares no one in its passing, which is something young Ciara had to understand at one point or another.

It appears that Ciara has decided to remain forever young, despite the passing years, and what better way to do that then by going under a plastic surgeon’s knife?

People are speaking about Ciara’s nose job, a rather significant one as well. We aren’t specialized in determining who had surgery or not, yet we cannot ignore all the voices speaking of it either.

Her fans also go on and on about her breasts, and this is something that might just have a base in reality. It is fairly obvious that Ciara had work done on her breasts, especially if you compare pictures of her today with pictures of her younger self.


Ciara had her first shot at fame when she was in her mid-teens, and she kept building on her image ever since. Although she didn’t seem to impress that much in these last couple of years, she remains a public figure still.

Just like any public figure that wants to maintain a level of relevance, she had to keep herself looking at her very best, no matter the cost. The fact that she is accused of going under the knife reinforces this idea, and there might just be some truth to it.

Celebrity watchers have been eyeing Ciara for a while now, but then again, that’s what they’re supposed to do in the first place. They say that her nose job has been a game changer, as her career skyrocketed ever since she got the surgery.

She also most likely has breast implants, but this is a completely different story altogether. Although Chiara denies going under the knife for any type of procedure, the before and after pictures tell us otherwise.