Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]You don’t have to be a fan of Rupert Everett to acknowledge his major professional success both as a writer and actor, as he enjoyed quite a bit of it throughout the years.

This being said, there are certain rumors regarding Rupert’s appearance, rumors which imply that the famous actor/writer may have had some work done on his face at some point.

As a matter of fact, these allegations claim that he didn’t just have one procedure but a whole series over time, procedures that altered his appearance quite a bit.

Now, it has to be said that in his younger years, Rupert Everett was quite a looker. Nowadays, however, the years have taken a toll on his general appearance, yet not enough according to some.

Some say that Rupert went under the knife at least once and that it rid him of his wrinkles to some extent. Even though he still has some wrinkles, he somehow looks like a much younger version of himself.

Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery Before and After

We base this on the fact that his face looks a lot tighter and brighter nowadays than it used to look like just a few years ago. In fact, his face looks like that of a younger man, or at least as far as wrinkles go.

When comparing recent pictures of Rupert Everett with pictures of his younger self, we see that his appearance seems to have changed ever so slightly over the years. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to fuel the rumors of his alleged plastic surgery even further.

Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery Before and After

Interestingly enough, Rupert Everett made no efforts to deny the rumors regarding his alleged facelift, which is perhaps why these rumors gained such popularity in the first place. In this respect, Rupert doesn’t see himself as a purist and has always said that he misses the way he used to look in his younger years.

Nowadays it seems that Rupert has smoother cheeks that are somewhat plumper than before, which when combined with an absence of wrinkles make us think that there might just be some truth to the plastic surgery allegations after all.

Still, plastic surgery or not, Rupert Everett is quite a handsome man by all standards and if he truly did go under the knife, then we can safely attest to the fact that it was a job very well done.