Elizabeth Mcgovern Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Although her name might not say much to younger audiences, the talented Elizabeth Mcgovern has entertained entire generations with her appearance in films like ‘Ordinary People’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in America’.

Now in her 50s, the actress has definitely lost some of her youthful good looks, but not her charm. Speaking of looks, however, there are some who say that Elizabeth went under the knife at some point and there might just be some truth to these allegations.

Not to say that Elizabeth Mcgovern had anything too drastic done to her face because this is obviously not the case, but it does appear that some of her facial features have changed ever so slightly over time.

The first thing to point out about Elizabeth is that despite her age, the actress doesn’t really show too many signs of aging. We’re talking here about wrinkles, gray hair, or saggy skin, all being signs of aging that most women show past a certain age.

Elizabeth Mcgovern Plastic Surgery Before and After

When comparing older pictures of Elizabeth with pictures of her today, we can’t help but notice some changes in the way she looks. For instance, she nowadays has a much smoother skin than just a few years ago, which some suggest is owed to a facelift she had at some point.

It also appears that she had facial fillers injected into her face and cheeks, to the point where her cheeks look just as good now as they used to look back when she first made her debut on the big screen all those years ago.

As far as any other procedures go, Elizabeth Mcgovern appears to have stayed away from any substantial procedures. In this respect, it looks like most of everything but her face has aged naturally, although there are plenty of naysayers who would suggest otherwise.

Also worth mentioning is that although her facial skin appears to have been through at least a couple of procedures over the years, her face still maintains the expressiveness it always had. In fact, it could be said that whatever changes she made had a minimal effect on how her face looks.

All things considered, Elizabeth Mcgovern does indeed look like she went under the knife at some point, but that she did so without overdoing it in any way. For this reason, the actress still maintains her natural glow along with the subtle elegance a well-defined face like hers should display.