Taylor Swift Breast Implants & Nose Job – Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Taylor Swift has always been known for her girlish, natural look, which is why news of her presumed plastic surgery hit her fans pretty hard when it transpired not so long ago.

It appears that Taylor Swift had a nose job a while ago, a surgery that apparently reduced the size of her nose slightly, if we are to look at pictures of her from just a few years ago and then compare them to how the starlet looks like today.

Taylor had a nose reduction that made her nose a lot thicker and pointing forward, but not a whole lot, which indicates that she only had a ‘one-layer’ nose reduction surgery.

It also appears that she didn’t want to go for a complete change or anything substantial, and it makes sense when you consider that there wasn’t much wrong with the way her nose looked like to begin with. Still, she felt the need to had work done on her nose for whatever reason, and this is becoming pretty clear.

Taylor Swift Surgery Before and After

Taylor Swift Surgery Before and After

Taylor Swift also had a boob job a while back if we are to believe the rumors, and to some extent, this is also rather obvious when comparing before and after pictures of the singer.

Furthermore, we can observe a suspicious mark under her breasts if we look closer, a mark that wasn’t present in older pictures of her, and there is no rational explanation for it rather that plastic surgery.

Taylor Swift Surgery Before and After

Taylor Swift Surgery Before and After

This change was also noticed by some of her die-hard fans not long ago, yet it was only considered a rumor when they voiced their concern.

Apparently, Taylor went from a size A to a B or C judging by the pictures, and pretty much everybody agrees that it makes her look a lot better. Her breast augmentation surgery also gave her breasts an obvious lift.

No matter how hard Taylor would want to deny it, there is no padded bra in existence that could give a woman this kind of lift without cosmetic surgery, yet this doesn’t stop her from claiming that she had no work done whatsoever.