Jason Statham’s Workout Routine

Jason Statham Workout Routine

Jason Statham’s Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Jason Statham has had drastic body transformations in the past, and has become the envy of many men wanting to acquire a similar physique.

His diet plan and exercise routines have become a common item in the media, an occurrence that has been boosted by his great form visible in the movies he was featured in, including Death Race, The Expendables, and the Transporter.

He has achieved a lean muscular body, which most would attribute to genetics, but a look at his workouts and one would admit the effort put in justifies his form. He undertakes his workouts 6 days a week, and only rests for a day.

With assistance from his trainer, Logan Wood, he has been able to shed more than 17 pounds in a period of just 6 weeks.

His routine involves:

Progressive to one-rep max.

It aims to build pure strength through deadlift – one of the most effective ways to do so. Jason works his way up to reach the highest weight he can lift at once, the one-rep max. He does this after engaging in a rigorous warm up session that includes 10 minutes on the rowing machine, as well as performing a circuit of push-ups, ring chin-ups, and body squats.

Functional Circuit.

It is meant to engage the entire body while working the various muscle groups. It begins with warm-up which includes 20 minutes on the rowing machine doing less than 20 strokes per minute covering a distance of more than 2km. The static hold circuit, which involves 4 positions held for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds to change a station and for four rounds. They include the ring dip hold in which he holds the top position using gymnastic rings, Kettle-bell Farmer hold in which a pair of heavy kettlebells hang at arm’s length on either side, L-sitting on Dip bars or parallettes, and the Body weight squat hold in which he lowers himself to the bottom position with thighs parallel to the ground followed by the hold.

After the rigorous warm up, he is involved in the ‘Big Five Workout‘, in which he performs a circuit of exercises for 10 times. Front squat with a weight of 45kgs, Chin-ups, Decline Parallette Push-ups, power cleans as well as hanging from a chin-up bar with elbows at a right angle, and raise knees to touch the elbows in a controlled manner to avoid swinging.

Interval Work.

This is a work out that involves stretching the ability of the body to overcome tension with minimal rest intervals. It commences with rowing for 10 minutes, then taking ‘6 sprints’ of a distance of 500m with rest intervals, then ultimately carrying weights over a same distance as quickly as possible.

Jason’s workout routine is rigorous and is aimed at making the body withstand high tension levels. This, coupled with a suitable diet plan, has seen Jason Statham acquire an enviable physique and become a popular reference in fitness matters.