Kristen Bell Workout Routine

Kristen Bell Workout Routine

Kristen Bell Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Some may know her as Veronica Mars while others may be aware that she voiced Princess Anna from Disney’s Frozen, but whoever has watched Kristen Bell on-screen also knows that she is quite fit and healthy.

The 33-year old actress has even passed on advice to the next generation on how to stay fit and healthy, and in great shape just like her.

She claims that being in great shape is all about being respectful to oneself in order to feel and see a difference in the long run. She adds that everyone deserves to feel good and they can if they take good care of themselves.

Kristen Bell has admitted that she finds it very chaotic to look after her health and her skin, but she has made a priority to do both. She also admits that she is able to manage her busy schedule much better when she feels and looks healthy.


Kristen Bell has apparently been doing cardio for quite some time because not so long ago she had admitted that she is proud of the fact that her cardio has improved to quite an extent. She revealed that she would easily get fatigued when after halfway up a mountain when hiking and had to turn back. She also revealed that all she had to do was a bit of consistent practice. Apparently, now she is able to get her heart rate up just by walking at a swift pace and she continues to hike up in the mountains for long periods of time.


Kristen Bell apparently frequents the gym and also tried SoulCycle. In fact, she has admitted she was barely able to walk after trying it for the first time. She found it very hard. However, she did not give up, partly due to the intensity of the challenge and partly due to her own stubbornness. She enjoyed it much more the second time, though she found it equally hard, and now she keeps on going because apparently she likes that it makes her sweat.

Vegan Diet & Smoothies

It is a well-known fact that Kristen Bell is a vegan, but she also happens to have a Vitamix. She seems to have a sweet tooth but only splurges on sweets on the weekends after having maintained a healthy diet during the week. Some ingredients she apparently frequently uses for smoothies include apples, bananas, berries, coconut water, kale, lemons, romaine, and spinach. Kristen also admits that she feels good throughout the day if she has had a smoothie in the morning.


Yoga is also among the ways in which Kristen Bell is able to keep her body in great shape. She even believes that yoga opens her up to being a more creative actress. Kristen Bell’s philosophy is that if people are good to their body, then their body will be good to them, and this is why she has an extraordinary fit body even at the age of 33.