Joanna Krupa Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Joanna Krupa gained fame after starring in the Real Housewives of Miami in the lead role, and even in her mid thirties, she still looks quite breathtaking and sexy.

Moreover, Joanna is not just an actress but a model too, which has led to speculations that Joanna may have gone under the knife in order to continue looking so stunning despite her age.

Joanna Krupa’s appearance has undergone a rapid transformation, which has further sparked rumors about her having undergone plastic surgery.

Currently, Joanna happens to be sporting quite a chiseled out nose. Her nose is elegant and pinched, matching well with her facial features. The lack of wrinkles on her forehead, even though she is in her mid thirties, is an indication of Botox use.

Joanna Krupa may have also gotten the volume of her lips increased by getting dermal fillers injected into them a couple of times, although it’s all speculation at this point.

If her more recent photos are compared with older ones, it becomes apparent that her breasts look drastically different, since they were once small but became bigger and are smaller again as of lately.

Joanna Krupa Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

Joanna Krupa Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

Obviously, she likely first underwent breast augmentation and then perhaps underwent breast reduction. Her alleged first breast augmentation left her breast looking quite odd, almost like those of Dolly Parton.

Hence, it is a good thing that she under breast reduction since even though her boobs are smaller now, they are also more proportional to her curvaceous figure.

Now that Joanna Krupa is in her mid thirties, at least her facial features should be displaying signs of aging, especially wrinkles. However, that certainly does not seem to be the case, and she could not succeed as a model if she had wrinkles.

The fluctuation in the size of her breasts could also not have been natural. So, all of this points to the fact that Joanna’s sexiness and stunning allure are a result of going under the knife.