Kate Beckinsale Diet Plan

Kate Beckinsale Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Despite not being a young woman anymore, the dashing Kate Beckinsale looks as gorgeous as ever, a look she owes to constant workouts and to a rigorous diet plan.

Apart from not drinking alcohol, Kate also abstains from eating unhealthy foods, which explains why she even tried becoming a vegetarian at some point.

Not only that but her diet plan simply wouldn’t work if Kate didn’t work out as often as she did, an absolute requirement for anyone looking to maintain a lean body type.

As we already pointed out, Kate tried being a vegetarian for a while but she would often found herself out of breath when doing physically intensive tasks. After incorporating fish and chicken into her diet following the advice of her personal trainer at the time, Kate dropped the vegetarian lifestyle almost completely.

In terms of how her actual diet plan looks, let us point out that Kate’s diet routine usually involves three daily meals, two snacks, and drinking a liter of water every day. As part of her meals, she tries to eat a bit of everything to some extent.

To be more precise, her daily diet features Brussels sprouts, broccoli, fish, and chicken for the most part. At the same time, she will often snack on Pirate’s Booty, a brand of baked chips that involves much healthier ingredients than regular chips.

Furthermore, we should point out that Kate doesn’t drink alcoholic drinks, not even when attending social gatherings. Even so, her day usually ends late after midnight, preferring to spend the mornings laying in bed.

Interestingly enough, Kate isn’t a big fan of losing weight or following weight loss diets. Instead, the gorgeous brunette will instead amp up her workout schedule so as to trim her body into shape by exercising rather than making herself look skinny.

Last but not least, it should be said that Kate has a fairly healthy lifestyle that involves a lot of exercising and following a strict diet plan. In this respect, she would rather put more effort into her current schedule in order to maintain her natural good looks rather than dieting excessively or going under the knife.