Keira Knightley Lip Augmentation Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Those of you who are familiar with Keira Knightley would know that she often talks about cosmetic surgery with glee.

Keira says that she considered getting breast implants for many years now, but that she never really mustered the courage to go through with it.

For some reason, she decided that her nose and lips needed work done more than her breasts, or at least that’s how it looks like.

We talked about Keira’s alleged nose job a while ago, and it appears that it wasn’t the only plastic surgery she had done. She also appears to have used fillers like Juvederm to make her lips full and more prominent.

It does seem that Keira Knightley had lip augmentation surgery fairly recently, as slightly older pictures of her show no signs of such a procedure. As of lately, however, her upper lip looks rather altered, all signs pointing towards plastic surgery.

If we are to compare recent pictures of Keira Knightley with pictures of her younger self, we see that her lips look quite different nowadays. Her luscious, fleshy lips are full and vibrant all of the sudden, and lip augmentation might have played a role in the transformation.

Keira Knightley Lip Augmentation Surgery Before and After

Keira Knightley Lip Augmentation Surgery Before and After

Of course, a professional makeup artist could also be responsible for the apparent change, yet her transformation seems permanent.

On the other hand, if she did have lip augmentation surgery, whomever performed the procedure did a wonderful job as well.

All in all, it does seem that Keira Knightley’s lips look a bit different now than how they used to look just a few years ago, and it might be that facial fillers might have something to do with this.

While on the subject, it will be interesting to see if Keira goes through with the presumed breast augmentation surgery that everybody seems to be talking about.