Kristin Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Although she made her acting debut in 1987 when she appeared in a low-budget film titled Doom Asylum, the talented Kristin Davis achieved stardom a few years later with her role as Brooke Armstrong in Melrose Place.

Since then, Kristin has had quite a successful career on the big screen, even though she gets most of her praise for her portrayal of Charlotte York in HBO’s Sex and the City.

The first time Kristin Davis was accused of going under the knife was in 2010, shortly after the release of Sex and the City 2.

Celebrity watchers were quick to point out at the time that Kristin’s skin appeared a lot smoother than usual. They also claimed that Kristin Davis had been using Botox injections to rid herself of wrinkles for quite a few years prior to that.

If we are to compare pictures of Kristin Davis today with pictures of her younger self, it’s not as much about what we see but rather what we don’t see. We do not see any visible signs of aging for instance, which would otherwise be expected from someone her age.

Kristin Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

Kristin Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

The opinion that Kristin Davis had used Botox injections at least once over the years is also shared by New York plastic surgery surgeon and specialist Dr. David Shafe who believes that Kristin’s smooth skin is a direct result of Botox use.

He claims that Kristin did her best to keep Botox use to a minimum, which is why she still displays signs of crow’s feet upon closer examination.

The exact reason why the actress was reluctant to follow a more rigorous ‘treatment’ is still unclear, although some people suggested that Kristin might actually be afraid of a such a procedure going wrong.

Rumor has it that Kristin Davis had a facelift as well, but given her apparent fear of following the Botox treatment to the letter, it would be hard to confirm such a claim at this point.

All things considered, Kristin Davis appears to have used Botox at least once over the years, but it doesn’t seem that she went under the knife for any procedure more invasive than that.