Lisa Rinna Lip Augmentation Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Along with her acting and TV hosting, Lisa Rinna has also made a name for herself thanks to her, let’s say duck face due to her allegedly pumped lips.

This obviously led to rumors that the actress and TV host may have undergone lip augmentation surgery somewhere in 2012.

Lisa has also been suspected of using lip fillers since the plumpness in her lips has recently increased.

It is a publicly known fact that back in 1986, Lisa had gotten silicone injected into her upper lip, which caused it to become over-plumped, and she later had to undergo surgery to get its size reduced.

There have also been rumors that Lisa Rinna had also undergone breast augmentation in order to pose for Playboy.

According to a source, she had undergone lip reduced surgery in 2011. In fact, the lip reduction surgery had been filmed for her reality show. However, what is surprising is that ever since 2013, Lisa’s lips have been full yet again. In the past, Lisa Rinna has admitted that she has used Botox and that she is fond of plastic surgery.

Considering that Lisa’s lips actually looked a bit bumpy after she had undergone the reduction surgery, it is very likely she may have gotten some filler like Juvederm injected not so long ago.

Lisa Rinna Lip Augmentation Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lisa Rinna Lip Augmentation Plastic Surgery Before and After

Even Dr. John Di Saia, a California-based plastic surgeon, remembers how Lisa Rinna had once gotten her lips ruined with silicone injections.

He also recalls how she had undergone surgery for the removal of inflamed mess and scar from her upper lip. Dr. John claims that unlike other lip filler products, silicone gel is not a safe option.

Dr. John suspects that the augmentation and then reduction surgery had probably left Lisa Rinna’s lips slightly disfigured and misshapen, which is the reason she might be undergoing minor maintenance injection therapy.

Indeed, Lisa Rinna’s lips still look quite full and have an unusual shape, which is why people started talking about an alleged plastic surgery in the first place.