Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Whoever has been watching ABC’s Revenge may have noticed how the perfectly smooth forehead of Madeleine Stowe tends to stand out.

It seems somewhat apparent that Botox injections might be the reason behind Madeleine Stowe’s youthful beauty, despite her age.

However, Madeleine has denied these allegations repeatedly, and continues to do so to this day.

Previously, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami-based plastic surgeon, said that Madeleine Stowe’s youthful appearance might be a result of undergoing cosmetic treatments.

He suspected that Madeleine may have used Botox for the crow’s feet around her eyes and for her forehead, as well as dermal fillers like Juvederm or Restylane to get her lips plumped up and for her folds.

He also believes that Madeleine had lower blepharoplasty at some point, in order to get the skin under her eyes tightened up.

Despite his suspicions, Dr. Michael also noted that Madeleine’s beauty looks “very natural,” and Madeleine Stowe herself claims that it actually is natural. Even Dr. David Shafer did not notice any signs that Madeleine may have gone under the knife.

Apparently, Madeleine has her own set of tips to stay free of wrinkles and she was kind enough to recently share them with everyone. Still, no matter how hard she tries to deny these allegations, there is a pretty good chance that Botox Injections were involved.

Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

She also claims that Botox use is not the reason that there are no wrinkles on her face, rather it is because of her mother’s advice that she should lot her expression be marred with wrinkles.

Madeleine’s mother had once told her to avoid too much sunlight and not to wrinkle her forehead. Madeleine apparently had to listen to her mother’s screaming whenever she crinkled her forehead, which is how she learned not to.

Looking at Madeleine Stowe’s flawless skin, it is hard to believe that she is in her fifties, and whatever she might be benefiting from, it is certainly helping her to look young.