Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Michelle Phan is famous for her YouTube videos in which she transforms herself sometimes almost completely with the help of makeup.

It appears, however, that it isn’t just with the help of makeup that Michelle keeps herself pretty at all times. Rumors have it that she recently went under the knife to get a nose job, a double eyelid surgery, and a jaw surgery as well.

There are some things that not even this makeup queen can achieve with makeup alone, which is exactly what before and after pictures of Michelle are showing us. It has to be said that someone in her position is bound to get a lot of stick for going under the knife, and this is because of her background. You see, a makeup artist as talented as she is, shouldn’t need plastic surgery to make herself pretty, which is exactly what her die hard fans are saying these days.

Most people don’t know that Michelle Phan is also a skin care specialist as well as a makeup artist, a fact that makes her plastic surgeries even more depressing when you think about it.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After

By looking at before and after pictures of Michelle, we can see that she has a sharper jaw line now than she had before, and all evidence point towards foul play from her part. It seems that her jaw surgery not only made her chin sharper, but also better defined through the use of a small implant.

We often hear about the popularity of plastic surgeries in South Korea, yet most of Michelle’s fans would never even dream about thinking that she could fall prey to the practice herself.

Recent photos of Michelle also reveal a potential rhinoplasty by the looks of it. Nowadays, Michelle’s nose isn’t as wide as it used to be, not to mention the sharper tip and the bridge of the nose as well. Furthermore, her double eyelid surgery seems to have opened her eyes a lot more, an effect that could not be obtained with the use of makeup alone.

All things considered, it is more than likely that Michelle Phan had plastic surgery not once, but three times not so long ago, which will definitely affect her popularity in the long run.