Sarah Jessica Parker’s House in West Village

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[ads1 id=”alignright”]Currently, Sarah Jessica Parker lives in a New York City townhouse with Matthew Broderick, her husband, and their three children.

In a video that was shot a year ago, the 49-year-old actress and model gave a tour of the ground floor of her townhouse during an interview. Whoever has watched or will watch the video now will notice how eclectically decorated her home is.

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According to Sarah, it has been nearly thirteen years since she has been living in the West Village area and in the video; she admitted that she will never voluntarily leave New York. Real, symphonic, and tiny, were the three words that Sarah used to describe New York City.

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The living room of the townhouse was the first room that was seen in the video. The room has bright green walls with bookshelves lining them, and there was a forest green sofa in the middle.

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There is a mahogany dresser in the living room upon which there group of glowing globes, which Sarah apparently loves the most. There is a ping pong table and a white fireplace in another room.

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The camera was able to capture the interior of this room more closely when Sarah went to fetch a glass of water for the interviewer. While the video was being recorded, Sarah also reveals that she loves roast chicken from Barberito, a Southwestern grill, and that she is not fond of parsley.

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This room mentioned above is actually another living room, though much sunnier, and in the corner of the room there is a small piano. There is also a green chair in the room that Sarah sat down on, while the room itself is quite bright and sunny, perhaps since its opening in onto the entryway.