Blake Lively Diet Plan

Blake Lively Diet Plan

Blake Lively Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Considering how fit and gorgeous Blake Lively looks, anyone would assume that she probably has a strict diet plan and is aided by a personal trainer in order to stay in shape.

However, Blake Lively has claimed that she has neither, and yet she is able to maintain her stupendous figure, apparently without too much of an effort from her part.

It seems that back when she had starred with her now-husband Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern, their trainer Bobby Strom had put both of them on a strict diet to whip them into shape.

Blake and Ryan’s diet had included almond milk, flaxseed and porridge. Bobby would cook “a big batch of steel cut oatmeal,” which is low in fat and rich in complex carbohydrate, for Blake and Ryan to eat for breakfast.

He also added a bit of almond milk to sweeten it, blueberries, and some flaxseeds. Bobby would cook a “clean protein” like ahi tuna or chicken and salad for them to have for lunch.

Dinner used to be somewhat similar, but for variation, Bobby would cook brown rice with chicken, lean steak or seafood or a portion of sweet potato.

Even though Bobby Strom’s strict diet had certainly helped whip into Blake Lively shape, she apparently has no need for a diet or a personal trainer anymore.

Blake Lively claims that she cannot begin her day unless she has had a dup of “hot milk chocolate” and she apparently crunches a couple of blocks of dark chocolate before she goes to bed. So, how is Blake still so fit, lean and slim?

Furthermore, Blake Lively actually gives credit to her “active lifestyle,” and considers it lucky that she is always on the go, especially since it rids her the need to have a diet plan and personal trainer.

Blake even claims that she has a good metabolism. However, even without a strict diet plan, constant exercising is indeed part of Blake’s lifestyle, and it has likely also played a role in helping her maintain her figure.