Cobie Smulders Diet Plan

Cobie Smulders Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Most people know her as Robin Scherbatsky in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ while others recognize her as Maria Hill from the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, yet everybody agrees that Cobie Smulders looks absolutely dazzling.

It therefore comes as no surprise that she was recently included in Askmen’s ‘Top 99 Most Desirable Women’ in the world, as she used to be an internationally acclaimed model before becoming
an actress.

Her good looks, however, are not only the result of genetics alone. Cobie Smulders puts quite a bit of effort into maintaining her current figure, considering the fact that she is a mother of two.

Despite not being much of a fitness enthusiast, Cobie Smulders does her fair share to stay in shape, including Yin Yoga which she swears by. She considers it to be a great stress reliever while being quite physically-challenging at the same time.

Overall, Cobie Smulders works out around two times a week, even more sometimes if she’s working on a project that requires her to look particularly good for the camera. These workout sessions usually involve Yin Yoga as we mentioned, but also intense stretching and the Bar Method which is one of her favorite exercises.

As far as her diet plan goes, Cobie claims that she doesn’t pay much attention to calorie counting, even though she is a cautious eater. Her usual diet involves a lot of healthy food, especially vegetables.

This being said, Cobie Smulders enjoys her fair share of what could be considered ‘unhealthy food’ every once in a while. It isn’t ideal of course, but Cobie says she simply loves Macaroni & Cheese too much to deny herself the pleasure.

When she sticks by her diet plan, however, Cobie has a smoothie or eggs for breakfast, followed by fresh fruits. For lunch, she usually eats a salad with a protein-rich side dish that she always prepares herself. Cobie ends the day with a fish or quinoa dinner, although she will sometimes eat a home-cooked meal with her family.

Last but not least, Cobie Smulders is a big fan of pasta which she adds to almost half her meals. She claims to love eating pasta so much that she cares very little if they’re healthy for her in the long run or not.