Chris Evans Diet Plan for Captain America

Chris Evans Diet Plan

Chris Evans Diet Plan for Captain America

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Playing a superhero isn’t easy, as most actors who did it over the years will tell you. When he accepted the role of Captain America, Chris Evans knew exactly what lied ahead, as he had previously played another superhero, Johnny Storm in ‘Fantastic Four’.

In order to achieve the body of a superhero, Chris had to be extremely careful with what he eats and how he works out. In order to do that, he hired Simon Waterson as his personal trainer.

Together, they designed a diet plan and a training routine that Chris had to follow if he were to become Captain America.

First of all, Chris had to become a 200 pounds superhero in a relatively short period of time. In order to do that, he had to eat a lot of protein, nuts, and various vegetables. For breakfast, Chris would eat a porridge bowl with walnuts and dark berries. Afterwards, he would follow breakfast with a morning snack of whey protein. Before workout started, he ate apples and almonds, and a protein shake after his workout session ended. For lunch, he usually ate chicken salad and brown rice. After lunch, Chris would have a snack that consisted of a low carbohydrate whey protein shake. For dinner, he ate fish, chicken, and vegetables.

By working hard at the gym while taking extra care with what he eats, Chris managed to gain muscle mass without any body fat whatsoever. The reason why he managed to do that is because he consumed low carbohydrate protein shakes every day between his meals. Furthermore, every time he felt like eating a snack, he would consume only lean protein foods and absolutely no junk food.

It is generally a good advice to stay away from junk food, even more so when you’re trying to build the body of a superhero. Combine healthy eating habits with nutritional supplements throughout the day, and you might actually have a chance of building a body like his on your own.

Interestingly enough, Chris never had issues with following his strict diet to the letter, which is why the project turned out as great as it did. During his training sessions, he often used Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements that he incorporated into his daily meals.

These supplements are responsible for minimizing muscle breakdowns during intense workout sessions. Not only this, but BCAA can also stimulate muscle growth , especially when combined with glutamine supplements that he also took. In the end, Chris Evans did a great job transforming himself into Captain America, a character that fitted Chris’ style perfectly.