Shakira Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Shakira Wokout Routine and Diet Plan

Shakira Workout Routine and Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Isabel Mebarak Ripoll aka Shakira is one of the most talented and admired women in the world.

This beautiful singer, record producer, songwriter, musician, and dancer has always been admired for her stunning good looks as well as her talent.

Although her musical talent is inherited, her perfect figure is the result of hard work and discipline.

Shakira used to get away with everything when she was younger, but people’s bodies change over time, and so did hers. Still, despite the fact that Shakira recently had a baby, she looks as good as ever. So what could the secret behind her stunning good looks be, we wonder.

First of all, she follows a strict diet plan. No matter what the occasion is, she almost never eats unhealthy fats and excess carbs. Even so, she does indulge herself with whatever her heart desires for one day during the week. Most of the time however, she follows her diet plan to the letter. This means no fast food, no junk food, and definitely nothing excessively fat.

As a matter of fact, Shakira has a diet plan for each meal of the day:

Breakfast Plan

For breakfast, Shakira eats a slice of melon or pineapple, a slice of whole grain toast that she sometimes eat with low-fat cheese, she drinks one glass of orange juice, and a coffee    or tea that she tops with nonfat milk.

Midmorning Plan 

This is when she eats an apple, a peach, or a couple of kiwifruits and a diet yogurt.

Lunch Plan

For lunch, she eats a tomato or spinach salad, a plate of spaghetti with veggies, a cup fruit salad, a portion of grilled beefsteak, or some filet of tongue that she tops with olive oil.

Midafternoon Plan

Her midafternoon snack is similar to the midmorning one, and it involves a nonfat yogurt, a glass of tomato juice, or a slice of whole grain bread that she serves the same way as     her midmorning one.

• Dinner Plan

For dinner, Shakira likes to eat vegetable soup, tomato lentils, two slices of whole grain bread, and a couple of fruits or a fruit salad.

Shakira DOES NOT, under any circumstances, drink alcohol, eat junk food, stay up late, smoke, or eat sweets.

However, Shakira absolutely melts over chocolate and she even refers to herself as a complete chocolate addict. She realizes that her love for chocolate undermines her diet plan, but she simply cannot control herself whenever she is around chocolate.

Shakira’s workout routine involves fitness machines and aids such as an Elliptical machine, dumbbells, and weights. A normal session lasts around 40 minutes of cardio exercises and an hour of strength programs.

Still, Shakira sometimes misses her workouts when she is traveling for a concert or a similar event, although she never stops dancing. In fact, Shakira claims that she simply cannot stop dancing every time she has an opening in her schedule, and will even involve dancing moves in her training routines as often as possible.