Kristen Bell Diet Plan

Kristen Bell Diet Plan

Kristen Bell Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]The talented actress and singer has always been a symbol of what ‘sexy’ looks like, which is why we thought it would be a good idea to find out what the svelte, petite celebrity eats on a regular basis.

People should be aware of the fact that Kristen Bell doesn’t just get in shape for the roles she portrays, but that she constantly aspires to a healthy figure regardless of the projects she is working on.

We should probably start by saying that Kristen is a vegan, and she incorporates an awful lot of fruits in her regular diet. She also puts a lot of emphasis on her workout routine which involves yoga and pilates as much as possible. It also has to be said that a vegan diet rarely provides the body with enough energy for extensive workout regimes, which is why most vegans choose cardio exercises as their ‘go-to’ routine.

The vegan way

Ever since she was a child, Kristen had a preference for vegetables and fruits more than other meals, an eating habit that eventually led to her becoming a vegan. The process wasn’t by any means a quick one, as Kristen had to replace many of the elements of her regular diet with vegan alternatives. For instance, she started eating Daiya instead of cheese, a transition that wasn’t particularly hard seeing how tasty it is.

Kristen also grows her own vegetables, a practice that keeps her away from the toxins in processed and refined foods. This came particularly handy during her pregnancy, a time of life during which all mothers require the healthiest food possible. As a matter of fact, she managed to maintain her figure during pregnancy without any real issues, and it was all thanks to her natural diet.

Kristen’s smoothies

The popular actress says that she knows no better way to start the day than by eating a nutrient packed smoothie. This smoothie can contain bananas, apples, kale, romaine, spinach, coconut juice, lemons, and other similar foods.

Despite her religious commitment to the diet during weekdays, Kristen admits to eating whatever her heart pleases during weekends sometimes, and nobody blames her.