Ellie Goulding Workout Routine

Ellie Goulding Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]The beautiful and talented Ellie Goulding appears to take extremely good care of herself, but things weren’t always like this it seems.

In a recent interview, Ellie admitted that it wasn’t until just a few years ago that she started to seriously worry about the way she looks.

For most of her life, Ellie Goulding would mostly focus on how she feels and on the things that made her feel pretty rather than the things that actually made her look that way.

Following her recent success, however, Ellie was forced to put more thought into how she looks, starting with the way she applied makeup, her diet plan, and of course, a rigorous workout routine that stands at the core of Ellie’s transformation from your average girl to a sex-symbol.

Questioned about it, Ellie revealed that she absolutely loves running, which is why she incorporates running into her daily workout routine as much as possible. She also runs for charity from time to time, sometimes for longer than 10 kilometers / session.

This being said, Ellie Goulding isn’t a big fan of going to the gym, because gyms aren’t exactly to her liking. Ellie prefers to practice boxing, running, and Bikram Yoga instead.

When asked about her workout habits, Ellie said that she always tries to work out with a buddy who will push her o the limit. For instance, Ellie often works out with her boyfriend Dougie Poynter, or with any friend she finds available at the time.

Furthermore, Ellie has recently started to take part in a fitness class that focuses on treadmill exercises, weight training and bodyweight resistance. As tiresome as it may sound, Ellie manages to go through it quite smoothly and still finds time and energy to focus on her running.

The secret behind Ellie’s great shape is her attitude, especially her will to constantly challenge herself to the limit.

For instance, she sometimes sprints over long distances, goes mountain climbing, and follows a strict training regime based on burpees and other similar core-strength exercises.

Speaking of strength, Ellie Goulding is quite proud of her muscles and says that she will most likely continue improving herself regardless of how unladylike some people may consider it to be.

Last but not least, Ellie finds exercising to be the greatest stress-relief method she knows. Given how much she travels these days, it is important for her to be in good shape at all times, otherwise the stress of constant travel would get to her.

This being said, Ellie is the type of person who tries more to focus on what’s ahead rather than dwell in the past, and her philosophy is reflected by her energetic nature. Chances are that if you will ever run into Ellie Goulding on the street, she will be running at the time or exercising somehow.