Emily Blunt Beauty Routine

Emily Blunt Beauty Routine

Emily Blunt Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Emily Blunt has always had an absolutely flawless complexion and many have wanted to know about the secret behind it.

Many women suffer from dry skin who would gladly swap their beauty products with Emily Blunt’s, if they only knew she really uses on her skin.

Fortunately, the products that are a part of Emily Blunt’s beauty routine are not much of a secret anymore.

Emily Blunt has been with her makeup artist, Jenn Streicher, for quite some time so she finds it easy and nice to work with her. In fact, Emily herself equally collaborates with her makeup artist in order to look as beautiful as she usually does.

Skincare happens to be Jenn’s specialty, and to provide Emily’s skin with additional hydration, Jenn gives Emily a “SK II Facial Treatment Mask” prior to big events.

In order to further boost the hydration of Emily Blunt’s skin, Jenn also combines the use of the “Creme de La Mer Eye Concentrate” on top of a “Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Face Serum.”

Jenn Streicher makes sure to use a primer, specifically the “Hourglass #28 Primer Serum,” for a flawless application. According to Jenn, the 28 essential oils in the serum give Emily Blunt’s skin luminosity and hydrate it as well.

When it comes to extremely soft and supple skin, Emily Blunt is somewhat of an expert herself and has her own secret. In order to care for her skin, Emily has come up with her own DIY beauty secret. Apparently, Emily Blunt’s skin is always so extremely soft, healthy and moisturized because she uses olive oil to soak her face in it.

Emily Blunt is also fond of using tined brow gel in order to darken her eyebrows and make them a bit more vivid. Perhaps that is why the arches of her eyebrows often appear to be quite crisp.

Emily Blunt is fortunate that her skin is not acne-prone and oily, so her DIY beauty secret combined with her makeup artists products helps her skin remain flawless and soft.