Eva Green Beauty Routine

Eva Green Beauty Routine

Eva Green Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Eva Green is the face of the Midnight Poison perfume by Christian Dior and has also been a bond girl at one point.

Indeed, she has played quite the extreme roles, and her poster for the upcoming Sin City: A Dame to Kill For recently got banned because she appears almost-nude on it.

The 33-year old actress has frequently revealed the secrets behind her beauty and sexiness.

Apparently, before Eva has her breakfast in the morning, she first drinks a cup of “hot water and lemon.” According to her, this “cleanses and hydrates” her. Before breakfast, she also drinks Green Magma, a herbal juice that energizes her.

She claims that her skin is very dry and sensitive, which forces her to be carefully about the product she applies on her face. Thus, the cleansing gel Dermalogica and L’Or De Vie Crčme Riche by Dior (which she describes as nourishing and thick) are among her essentials. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Eva also puts on beauty creams and masks, including eye cream.

Eva claims that her beauty routine is “very low-maintenance.” If she does not have anything special to do and does not need to look “stunning,” then avoids making an effort. In such cases, she prefers to go without make-up, with just a “touch of gloss.” Readers will agree with Eva that her bare face looks really “dewy” and healthy.

Instead of her make-up, Eva actually pays more attention to her long, thin hair when she has a date according to the actress herself. She undoes her braids after keeping them braided for an hour, which apparently make her hair appear “wilder.”

When it comes to make-up, instead of accentuating both her eyes and lips, she accentuates either of them. Also, unlike her characters, she actually dresses quite modestly and avoids showing too much skin.

Perhaps the most natural part of her beauty routine is the fact that she drinks lots of water to ensure that her skin does not dry up. With a beauty routine like this, it is unlikely that it will. In fact, Eva Green will probably retain her stunning “femme fatale” look for years to come.