Nina Dobrev Beauty Routine

Nina Dobrev Beauty Routine

Nina Dobrev Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Nina Dobrev, who stars as Elena Gilbert on CW’s The Vampire Diaries, seems to have a knack for looking gorgeous at all times.

Obviously, it makes many wonder how she looks so refreshed all the time and how she has such healthy skin.

Nina Dobrev certainly has her own beauty/skincare routine, and there is even some really weird treatment that she recently tried, a treatment we’ll talk about shortly.

Most of the time, Nina Dobrev is on the set of The Vampire Diaries in full hair and makeup, so it is not surprising that she is very serious about her skincare routine.

According to her, she is almost always wearing makeup, even if does not look like she is. Of course, she does not keep the makeup on once she has returned home. First, she uses a makeup wipe, then she washes her face, and finally, she wipes her face with a hot towel. Apparently, this allows her skin to “breathe” and allows her pores to “open up.” Finally, she also puts on tons of moisturizer.

Even Nina’s mom played a part in her current beauty routine. Her mom used to advise her to put egg yolk in her hair to make it “super shiny” and she mostly likely still takes heed of her mom’s advice. Modern day DIY hair masks are proof that egg is certainly effective for this purpose.

Along with being beautiful, Nina rarely looks tired, rather she always looks refreshed, even though she apparently wakes up very early to get to set. Sleep is one of the things Nina is very serious about.

She also drinks plenty of water, eats right and keeps her skin moisturized, which not only help energize her, but most likely contribute to her beauty too. She also drinks teas, such as macha green tea.

As for her weird beauty treatment, Nina once tried a mud body wrap when she visited Mexico. According to her, she was taken to the ocean to wash off all the mud, where she was then wrapped up in a towel. She describes the treatment as “amazing” and apparently it gave her a “glow.”

Along with her beauty routine, Nina Dobrev also has her own favorite beauty products that she never leaves without, especially sunglasses, sunscreen, and waterproof mascara. Her favorite mascara is LashBlast by COVERGIRL and another one by Dior.

With all these secrets in her bag, it should be obvious why Nina is always looking so beautiful and energetic.