Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Rumor has it that Frances Bean Cobain went under the knife not once but repeatedly over the years and that she owes most of her good looks to various cosmetic procedures.

Although Frances wasn’t necessarily an ugly young girl to begin with, it does seem that her appearance changed ever so slightly for the better over these past few years.

Growing up, Frances went through some pretty massive changes in appearance, and we don’t just say this because she used to be a bit hefty as a teen.

When comparing older pictures of Frances with pictures of her today, it becomes apparent that her looks have improved considerably in recent years. Exactly how many of these changes are owed to plastic surgery is unknown, although the signs to suggest foul play are there without a doubt.

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After

According to various celebrity watchers, Frances had not only a nose job but jaw surgery as well at some point. She is also rumored to have undergone a liposuction a few years back, around the same time she had her alleged nose job.

Also worth mentioning is her cheeks appear better shaped when compared to pictures of her younger self, leading many people to believe that she had cheek implants as well. Furthermore, Frances appeared to have gone through a lip injection procedure not so long ago, or at least that’s what the state of her current lips would have us believe.

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After

Interestingly enough, world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif went on record recently to say that Frances Bean Cobain shows all the signs of having lip fillers, a procedure she went through around the time she started losing weight.

Other than that, she is also rumored to have had a nose job a few years ago, rumors that have been more or less already confirmed by sources close to her. In fact, it is quite obvious that her nose changed shape over the years, with rhinoplasty being the only reasonable explanation.

Overall, we should point out that whatever procedures Frances went through have definitely improved her looks. We cannot help but fear, however, that she will follow in the footsteps of her mother and go overboard with plastic surgery, which would be a real shame for someone as naturally gifted as Frances.