Jennifer Lawrence Workout Routine for The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence hunger games

Jennifer Lawrence Workout Routine for The Hunger Games

[ads1 id=”alignright”]We wrote a piece not so log ago about the ten hottest actresses in the world this year, and Jennifer was our number one.

We do, of course, try to be as objective as possible when writing these sort of materials, and we are confident that our top ten reflected what people liked over the course of these last 12 months.

Jennifer has more than one impressive performance under her acting belt, but for some reason, people seem to like her for her contribution to The Hunger Games.

It is to this purpose that we decided it would be nice to tell our readers what type of training Jennifer had to do in order to fit the role properly.

Jennifer trained for six weeks, concentrating her attention of agility and speed for the most part. The first step of the routine had the purpose of improving Jennifer’s endurance and stamina. This involved plenty of cardio and basic fitness exercises, but also a few more advanced methods as well. Each exercise was designed to help her increase her muscle mass while maintaining a slim physique. Getting Jennifer to stick to the training wasn’t at all hard, as she is known for taking good care of her body, which is another way of saying that she is a fitness freak.

Cardio – It was essential for Jennifer to strengthen her muscles in a mild way, and what better workout can do that if not cardio exercises? Cardio exercises focus on facilitating blood circulation, strengthening heart muscle, and reducing stress in the process. At its core, cardio training has the purpose of increasing the rate in which the bloodstream oxygenates the muscles, so it is essential for anybody looking to start any body-building routine.

Treadmill – Due to her slim figure, treadmill training was deemed essential for any workout routine she may undergo. This wasn’t too hard for Jennifer, as she does plenty of treadmill work on her own on a daily basis. Still, the sprints, medicine ball exercises, agility and track drills definitely helped her tone up her muscle mass. Interestingly enough, most of the exercises she did on the treadmill were stationary exercises.

Yoga – Some would argue that Yoga has no role in intensive bodybuilding, and they would be wrong. Because of her character’s athleticism and flexibility, Jennifer had to familiarize herself with Yoga routines, routines that she started performing on her own volition and on a regular basis after the project was done. Furthermore, some of these Yoga exercises were complimented by rock climbing and other equally stretching routines that helped Jennifer develop the flexible body we all saw in the movie.