Kelly Ripa Diet Plan

Kelly Ripa Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Always energetic and brimming with confidence, the extraordinarily charismatic Kelly Ripa certainly has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to maintaining a healthy body.

Like we all know, a healthy figure is obtained and maintained through exercising and well-balanced dieting, which is precisely what Kelly has been doing for many years now.

So right from the start, we should point out that Kelly Ripa works out every day and rarely misses on her workout sessions if she can help it.

It is well known at this point that you won’t get results just by dieting alone unless you live an active lifestyle as well.

She also likes running at least once a week, goes to cardio classes once every couple of days, and practices SoulCycling twice a week to stay in shape. Overall, Kelly Ripa spends around 1-2 hours working out every day and it shows.

Furthermore, she also takes dance classes, gatherings where she and her friends can hang out in a healthy fashion without any distractions to tempt them. Although she admits that she started working out late in life, she appears to have made up for it by now.

As far as her diet is concerned, Kelly Ripa says that she recently started an alkaline diet which she doesn’t really follow to the letter but often enough to make a difference.

She also likes going on diet cleanses for a few days in a row every once in a while to rid herself of any harmful build-ups.

Kelly also enjoys cooking for herself and her family, whether it is her favorite slow-cooked pork with hot chili peppers or something else. When in the mood, she also enjoys cooking Italian food but confesses to not being too good at it.

Overall, Kelly Ripa is on the opinion that it’s not about what you eat as much as it is about how you eat it. It is for this reason that she always tries to find balance between her meals, snacking only on healthy foods.

Last but not least, Kelly claims to not be too much of a diet freak, even though she does her best to stay away from junk food and excess sweets. Then again, she is sweet enough herself.